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Great Year in 2019...Big News for 2020!!!!

Well 2019 has come to a close and its time to bring out the hunting gear. This year was cut a little short with the sale of the boat. As much as I am excited about getting a new boat seeing the old boat leave is hard. There were alot of great memories and laughs had in that boat. From winning fishing tournaments, catching trophy fish and meeting new people that have become great friends. I was told if you take care of your boat the boat will take care of you and that is exactly what happened. Got me home safe each and every trip I was on. The new owner wont be disappointed with the boat he is getting!

I am also excited to be purchasing and providing guide trips out a new 2020 Ranger 621FS Cup boat. This is a brand new redesigned interior that I am very excited to use. It will have the top of the line graphs with all the up to date technology that walleye guys love to use. It will be powered by Mercurys new 300 ProXS V8 motor. I would like to give a huge thanks to Wendy at Pamps Outboard in Green Bay for setting me up in this awesome rig!

Looking forward to some great fishing trips in 2020! Please call early to get your dates locked in! 2019 was very busy and booked up quickly!

Have a great remaining 2019 and good luck to all hunting this fall!

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