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2019 Mother Nature Please Be More Kind!!

Been awhile since I posted a blog report. Busy spring and Mother Nature is not being polite. This time last year I was using crawler harnesses because the water temps were alot warmer than what they are right now on Lake Winnebago. What needs to happen to get the walleye bite to fire off is some consistent weather patterns to warm up the water. Recently everyday the wind has been switching directions and we are getting alot of Northeast winds. Very hard to pattern out the walleyes when weather conditions are not stable. The fishing will only get better from this day forward so I'm looking forward to June fishing on Lake Winnebago!!!.

Reports from the Bay of Green Bay is that a harness bite is going on but the fishing is also good one day and non existent the next due to the weather. Usually I will start consistently fishing the Bay come July after the walleye bite on Winnebago slows down.

Had the opportunity to take out several trips this year and meet some great people. Sometimes the fishing is good and other times just the people make the experience good! Look forward to meeting many more new fishing friends this year!

Remember fishing is about the experience and people on the boat and catching fish is a bonus!

Thank you to all that have sacrificed to allow me to enjoy every moment on the boat!!!!!

Capt Scott Schwarz

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