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Even Guides Struggle!

Well this past Saturday I had the pleasure of taking a few people out to target the pre spawned females of Oconto. Fishing there has been a hit or miss the past week. I ventured out on a beautiful morning with high expectations the bite would be good and we would land a few big walleyes. As the morning progressed the reality hit that the walleyes were not going to be cooperating and had lock jaw. As a guide one of the worst feelings you have is not being able to put fish in the boat for the clients. Well today the walleye got the best of me and we only caught one pike. In speaking with several other guides it sounded like everybody was struggling.

Not the start of the year I was looking for but I will not be giving up!

I always believe I am truly blessed to have been given the opportunity to go fishing and meet people that I get to take out fishing.

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